Welcome to the Darkside of the moon.

Let me take you to the heavens and beyond with my luscious beauty, captivating personality, and irresistible charm. 

I am a mix of Puerto Rican and Jamaican beauty. I am not a girl next door I am unique, charismatic, and alluring you will not be able to resist my voluptuous curves, mesmerizing eyes, meaningful conversations, and seductive sense of style. 

I am open to new ideas And proposals. I am fond of candid heart-to-heart discussions and don't like to get involved in superficial gossip. I am a believer in karma and do not believe In letting anyone down. 

I put a great effort into my craft and I always make sure that our steamy, sexy, and bewitching encounters will end up giving you sleepless nights and erotic dreams.

I don’t have too many friends and I like it that way. I keep the circle around me very small. I'm stingy with my love, I am so obscure.
I only compete with myself, I am My competition.

I am one of one, I’m number one, I’m the only one. Don’t even waste your time trying to compete with me. No one else in this world can think Like me, I see myself as a goddess an alien goddess, you could also say I’m the alien Superstar…

I’m too classify this world, Forever I’m that girl.
Too classy to be touched I pay my haters in the dust. Independent, sophisticated, intelligent, educated, and Obscure.

It's inconceivable to apprehend my whole personality with just a few photographs and phrases. I am foreseeing so you can discover me more I can unleash my hypnotic, sensual, and spicy side more in person.

To have the most erotogenic, lewd, and hot
Experience of your life contact me and communicate with me in person. I am looking forward to our juncture of mutual pleasure and rapture

I prefer sophisticated gentleman who's know how to Treat a Woman. loves to have a great conversation to build the chemistry before I start anything.

Great chemistry = Unimaginable time! 

I'm an easy going girl who has charm and a Pleasant personality I think we should make plans Right Now.

 if you are not seeing any information that you are looking for please do call or text me ..

I'm a. Fully functional *versatile** with a 10 + inch Tool.

Come let me rock your world, Love getting my big cock sucked Among other things.

let me pamper you and take care of all of your needs With all of my qualities. Independent ,sophisticated, intelligent, educated and discreet. 
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